Clinical Specialties

Life Transitions

Whether it’s getting out of an intimate relationship, changing careers, becoming a parent, or dealing with loss, even positive life changes can be stressful. These events present wonderful opportunities for making rapid change and developing new coping skills.


Have you worked yourself up into a frenzy? Feeling out of control? Anxious? Preoccupied? Fearful? Or, otherwise having difficulty regulating what you feel and your level of stress? I possess a bottomless bag of tools, from mindfulness exercises, yoga, breath work to guided imagery to help calm and relax you.

Creative & Productive Blocks

I’ve worked with writers, musicians, actors, and painters, and students stuck in failure or paralysis, using multiple techniques, including guided imagery, hypnosis, and uncovering to find and dissolve blocks to creative expression.

Guided Imagery, Dream Work & Hypnosis

I have studied mythology and symbols from various cultures around the world. I help people flesh out the meaning of their internal symbolism. Sometimes symbols arise spontaneously in dreams, or during the day in sexual or other fantasies, or during guided imagery work in my office.


I’ve been practicing yoga for 30 years, plus teaching and conducting break-through workshops over the past decade. Yoga represents a system of embodied progress. The emotional work of psychotherapy is greatly facilitated when patients practice yoga.


I’m adept at understanding and working with emotional/spiritual issues expressed as symptoms or blocks in the body. My holistic understanding of interpersonal neurobiology brings medical symptoms into a unified mind/body/brain framework, especially as driven by emotional and arousal dynamics.


I am comfortable working with people from various cultures, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. Even if I don’t have direct experience with a particular culture, I am sensitive to the profound influence that our origins exert on us and invite an ongoing, open dialogue to enrich mutual understanding.

Psychotherapists’ psychotherapy

Over the past many years, I have become known as a “therapist’s therapist.” I tend to have multiple therapists in my private practice, out of understanding the subtleties and difficulties of sitting on the other side of the couch.


Full fee: $350;
Sliding scale, down to $200.
I don’t sit on any insurance panels, but I do provide superbills when I qualify as an outside provider.
I am partial to students and trainees.

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