True Healing, Deep Growth

Each of us is unique; with backgrounds, cultures, and developmental histories unlike no other. No theory, manual, or pre-fab approach works for everyone. I foster true healing and deep growth by honoring my clinical intuition. I have honed my professional talents for more than 30 years.

As a therapist, I treat each person as an individual. I am sensitive to culture and to idiosyncrasies of development and background.

My style:

  • Creative, yet rigorous
  • Non-judgmental, yet confrontational
  • Insightful, yet supportive
  • Attentive, yet active
  • Understanding, yet firm

As a trainer & speaker, I teach fledgling and experienced clinicians how to tune into body, mind, brain, spirit & relationship. I am in inspirational speaker who brings my own creativity to presentations. I help everyone access their special gifts. I also speak to general audiences about the healing power of the imagination.

As an author, I write books on nonlinear science, creativity, play and clinical intuition. I am especially versed in nonlinear dynamics and interpersonal neurobiology and so emphasize integration of the brain, mind, and body through evolution.

As a person, I aim to embody all of my principles and values. I am a novelty seeker, a meaning monger, and a person of passion who strives to walk, if not dance, the talk.