Cracked Orlando opens at Lincoln Center

A mini-opera composed by Jonathan Dawe of Julliard
Libretto by Terry Marks-Tarlow
April, 2017 Multimedia Performance

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Interview, Terry Marks-Tarlow on the Neurobiology of Clinical Intuition

February, 2018

Conducted by Israeli Psychologist Dr. Arnon Rolnick

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The Magical Mystery Tour, hosted by Tonio Epstein

May 19, 2017, WGDR Radio [Goddard, Vermont]
Terry Marks-Tarlow, Part 2, on Fractals, Paradox & Consciousness

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March 31, 2017, WGDR Radio [Goddard, Vermont]
Terry Marks-Tarlow, Part 1, on Play Metaphor & Mindfulness In Psychotherapy

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Truly Mindful Coloring Introduction by Terry Marks-Tarlow

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Awakening Clinical Intuition—Workbook Introduction

American Journal of Play Interview with Scott Eberle

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Blog Interview on the significance of play with Gina Simmons

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Confer Seminars (15 Hours of CEUs available) Neurobiology and its Application to Psychotherapists

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Professional Psych Seminars (6 Hours of CEUs): The Value of Clinical Intuition in Psychotherapy

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Radio Interview series with Anthony Wright, parts 1 and 2

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The Neuropsychotherapist, Panel of Experts

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Naked Edges: An Art Exhibition at the Electric Lodge, Venice California

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